Tarzana Tech Data Recovery Services provides a wide variety of data recovery services to businesses and homes throughout Los Angeles Metro Area. Our highly trained data recovery specialists have recovered data on some of the most complex cases in the field. These cases include burned hard drives, water damage, deleted file recovery, data corruption, crashed hard drives, viruses, broken hard drives, and electrical surges. The recovery rate is currently 98% on all previous cases, so you can confide in our level of expertise.


We offer a free evaluation for single hard drives as long as the drive has not been opened and exposed to air, or had water or fire damage. After performing an evaluation on your hard drive, our engineers will expediently determine the failure of the hard drive, and what the fastest, most cost-effective method the data recovery will be. You will be contacted shortly after the evaluation has been completed, and advised of all options. Our staff understands how difficult it can be to experience a hard drive crash, and will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure a quick recovery of your valuable data.


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